Halloween Steamed Buns (BBQ Pork Flavor!)



Let's make some fun Halloween themed bbq pork buns!


BBQ Pork Filling Ingredients:

85ml - Water
1g - Salt
10g - Cha Siu Sauce
7g - Oyster Sauce
3ml - Dark Soy Sauce
3 ml - Light Soy Sauce
10g - Sugar
30g - Honey
8g - Potato Starch
8g - Corn Starch
16ml - Water
175g - BBQ Pork (Diced)


Bun Ingredients:

250g - Cake Flour*
7g - Baking Powder
7g - Yeast
60g - Sugar
125g - Water
1 tbsp - Shortening
Black, Gray, Green, Orange, and Pink Food Coloring


(*If you do not have cake flour, feel free to substitute with all purpose flour. Scoop out 4 tbsp from the 250g and replace with 4 tbsp cornstarch.)  


Instructions For Filling:

1. Place all of the ingredients from the first portion of the bbq pork filling ingredient list into a shallow pan.

2. Bring this to a light simmer to make sure all the sugar is melted.


3. Prepare your starch mixture by mixing potato starch, corn starch, and water in a bowl.


4. Once it is well combined and smooth, get ready to pour it into the pan. Your stove should be at medium heat. Slowly pour in the starch mixture while quickly stirring the liquid in the pan. It will thicken up quickly so pay attention. If you find that clumps are forming, pull the pan off the stove and continue to stir.

5. The end result should look like this picture below. Let it cool.


6. Once cooled to room temp, mix in the diced bbq pork and stick into the fridge for later.


Instructions For Buns:

1. In a bowl, mix together cake flour, baking powder, yeast, sugar, and water and keep kneading until it forms a nice dough ball.

2. Now add in the shortening and knead until well combined.



3. Here we will now split the dough into different portions and add color. 

5g - Pink

10g - Gray

50g - Black

130g - Orange

130g - White (No Color)

Remaining Dough - Green

Weigh out the dough and add in your food coloring. Do 1 drop at a time if you are unfamiliar with your food coloring so it doesn't turn out too dark. Keep adding til you get the desired color. 


4. As you mix in the colors, make sure to keep the other dough portions covered/sealed with plastic wrap to prevent them from drying out.

5. Once you've got everything colored, the wrapping begins! Let's start with Frankenstein. Save 15g for the pumpkins leaves and Frankensteins ears. Split the remainder of the dough into 5 equal portions.

6. Roll out each portion into a circle. Thicker in the middle and thinner around the edges. (This will help give the bun a nice even layer around the filling.) It should look a little something like this:


7. Remove the filling from the fridge and use about 25g of filling per bun. 

8. Now seal it up by pleating around the edges like so:


9. Once it's sealed, place the bun with the sealed side down onto a piece of parchment paper. Gently shape the bun into a chubby rectangle and cover with plastic wrap. Repeat with the remaining 4 dough pieces.


10. Onto wrapping the pumpkins! Split the orange dough into 5 equal portions and repeat as you did with Frankenstein. Except this time, you will be shaping them into a more pumpkin shape.

11. For the ghost, split the plain dough into 5 equal portions and roll into a more oval shape like the picture below. And just like before, make sure the middle is thicker and the edges are thinner.


12. Then seal with filling inside by pleating down instead of around like so:


13. The tail end will be slightly empty, but that's okay! The bun will expand while steaming. Now place onto the parchment and shape it into a ghost, curving the tail to the right or left. Repeat with the remaining 4 dough pieces.


14. Now for the features! You will need 5 sets of each:


For each Frankenstein, you will need 2 ears, 2 eyes, 2 cheeks, 1 mouth, 1 scar, 2 screws, and a hair piece. The screw is make up of a log with thinner piece wrapped around the top. You can see in the picture (bottom right), one completed screw and one before it's put together. For the hair, it was easiest to just roll out a piece of dough and cut out the hair shape with a small knife as you can see here. 


For each pumpkin, you will need a stem, a leaf (or two!), 2 eyes, 2 cheeks, and a smile.


For each ghost, you will need 2 eyes, 2 cheeks, and a mouth of your choice. I ended up doing two different kinds of mouth for the ghost. 


15. Make sure everything (wrapped buns and dough for the features) is well covered and sealed while you're working on make the features. The dough can easily dry out.

16. When attaching the features, you can place them on as you go or make them all and then stick them on. If you find that the features are not latching in, dip your finger in some water, scrape off the excess, and lightly brush onto the area you're trying to add a feature. This should help it stick but just be careful not to drown the buns in water.

17. Once the features are on, the buns are ready for the steamer! Bring your pot of water to a boil. Space the buns 1-2 inches apart from each other as they will expand a little.





18. Steam for 8 minutes and they're ready to eat! 


Happy Halloween & I hope you enjoyed making these spooky treats! 

This recipe was adapted from one of my favorite steamed bun recipes! You can find the original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=495RRp_Z_TU

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  • Riley on

    This is something I miss eating at restaurants! What would the BBQ Pork ingredient be? Is it pork already barbecued or something else?

  • Susan on

    Yum! Can’t wait to make them, they’re so cute!

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