Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Peanut Filling

Every year on winter solstice, 冬至 (YL: dung1 ji3), many families get together to celebrate the first day of winter. In southern china, not only will they reunite to have a delicious dinner but they will enjoy a hot bowl of glutinous rice dumplings too!  

There are so many different fillings and soup bases that you can really experiment after getting the basics down. In my family, our favorite filling is peanut butter! This recipe is super simple -- you'll only need a handful of ingredients. My mom makes it like this every time, so I hope you like it too! 


This recipe makes about 12 large glutinous rice dumplings with filling and 28 smaller ones which can serve about 4-5 people. 


Glutinous Rice Dumpling Ingredients

10 oz - Glutinous Rice Flour
1 1/8 cup - Water


Filling Ingredients

6 tbsp - Peanut Butter (creamy or chunky - whichever you prefer!)
1 tbsp - Sugar


Sweet Soup Ingredients

A couple slices of ginger (or more if you like ginger!)
1.5 bars - sugarcane sugar
6 cups - water



1. Start with making the dough. In a large bowl mix the glutinous rice flour with 1 cup of water to start off with. Then slowly add in the remaining 1/8 cup of water, bit by bit as needed. You'll want the dough to end up looking like this:

Sort of like playdoh but pulls breaks apart much more easily. 


2. Now that the dough is ready, let's make the filling! In a small bowl, mix together the peanut butter and sugar.

3. It time to put the dumplings together! The filling should be enough for 12 so let's start with that. Grab a piece of dough about the size of a jumbo marshmallow (like the one's people use for s'mores).

4. Roll it into a ball in the palm of your hands then flatten it out into a circle. Scoop some peanut butter into the middle of the circle and then bring up the sides of the circle to seal the dumpling. (Careful of being too greedy with the filling! You'll have trouble sealing and then have leaky issues down the road haha)


5. Once the dumpling is sealed, roll it back into a ball. If you find that there is a crack or hole in some places, just add a small piece of dough to patch it up and roll again so it's smooth. Place onto a plate until we're ready to cook them. 

6. Repeat until you've ran out of filling.


7. Time to make the mini ones! These are super easy. Just grab pieces of dough the size of a regular grape and roll them into a ball in the palm of your hands. 


8. Now, we're on to the soup. Place 6 cups of water into a pot along with ginger slices and sugarcane sugar and bring it to a boil.


9. Slowly place in the large dumplings first - one by one. Careful not to splash yourself, they're heavier than you think when they hit the water.

*Tip 1: The trick to get the dumplings off the plate without them tearing is by doing a gentle twist and then lift. Never just pick them up because they will stick to the plate and end up breaking apart.

*Tip 2: If you have the time, I suggest grabbing a big ladle and have some soup ready in the scoop. Place the dumpling in the scoop, swirl it around as you lower it into the soup. This helps "cook" the outer layer a little before it hits the bottom of the pot so it doesn't stick as much as it would if you were to just drop them in. Slowly stir around between each one.


10. Once the large ones are all in the pot, keep stirring slowly as you drop in the small ones. These are less likely to stick so you won't really need to do the technique in tip 2!

11. After you've loaded in all the glutinous rice dumplings, cook on medium to medium high heat until they float.


12. Ta-da, you're all done! Enjoy!! 



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